Advertisement Competition

Print Ad & Video

*in Swedish

Time: 48 hours | March 2016

Type: Advertisement competition | Personal

Team: Elias Eriksson | Jonathan Björklund | Lisa Bergsten

Outcome: Print Ad| Video


In Sweden there are six hospitals regions. Five of these have a house for relatives linked to the regional hospital. This is lacking in Norrland, despite the fact that the area covers four counties: Norrbotten, Västerbotten, Västernorrland and Jämtland. Seriously ill children and their families are referred to Norrland’s University Hospital in Umeå from the four northernmost counties. Hjältarnas Hus will become a temporary home for the families of those who sufferred a prolonged illness. Children can stay with their loved ones during stressful periods of treatment whether hospitalisation extends over a few days, weeks or months. The house will be built in Umeå, next to Norrland’s University during 2016/2017.


We had approximately 48 hours to increase awareness and knowledge of and around Hjältarnas Hus. We achieved this by creating a new concept of “Hjältarnas Hus buddy”. At present, there was not a clear concept of what it means to be “Hjältarnas Hus buddy”. The concept included a Print Ad (full page in VK / VF) where the visual and the textual interplay was of the utmost importance and digital production which was clearly linked to the new concept and print ad. The digital solution linked with a campaign / strategy for social media (current channels: Instagram, Facebook).


After a brainstorming session, we came up with the idea of proposing a concept that highlights the differences between the hospital and the home environment and this contrast will then touch the target groups and make them get involved. The contrast is based on the surroundings and environment between a hospital and a home environment. The opportunity of being a friend with “heroes” can be reached through four different ways: someone can register as a volunteer, contribute a gift, become a monthly donor or donate toys. Communication was the aim to reach a wider spread and get people interested in what this is about. The hashtag  #kompismedhjältarna (#friendwithheroes) was created having in mind the organization’s background and purpose. The hashtag can be used on Instagram and Facebook in order to increase awareness and evolve more people in the organization.


The idea of the Print Ad is to get people’s attention and make people viewing it up. As with the concept, the purpose of the advertisement print shows the contrasts in the atmosphere between a hospital and a home. The idea of a child sleeping in a bed hospital comes in contradiction with the text and provokes awareness. The text “What cozy to sleep here in a hospital thought the kid ” is not synonymous with the picture of a hospital. The caption can also be read from top to bottom and gives a more sorrowful and sad effect, which goes together with the picture but in a different way.


The film illustrates how the difference of the sound in a hospital environment can affect the feel of a goodnight song. A question in the beginning of the video (“Hi, can I have 40seconds of your time?”) makes the viewer pause in its scrolling when a question requires an answer. The purpose of the film is to sensitize people to take action.


*The video is in Swedish


Second prize goes to a group of today’s best presentation showed a clear idea levied on a consistent basis in a clever print ad and an emotionally strong film adapted for the medium.


Time: 48 hours | March 2016

Type: Advertisement competition | Personal

Team: Elias Eriksson | Jonathan Björklund | Lisa Bergsten

Outcome: Print | Video

Partners: Nalta Kreativ