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Andreas Balaskas


My name is Andreas Balaskas and I am from Greece. I am a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Human-Computer Interaction at University College Dublin in the area of digital mental health. I am a member of the HCI@UCD research group and a member of the AI Healthcare Hub at the UCD Institute for Discovery. I hold a Ph.D. in Human-Computer Interaction from Trinity College Dublin and I am a former member of the research group Health Technology Design. My current research focuses on the design of technologies to support mental health assessment and intervention.

I have a BSc in Informatics and Computer Technology and prior front-end developer experience. My interest in people’s behavior and needs regarding technologies led me to the Umeå University of Sweden where I completed my MSc in Human-Computer Interaction and Social Media. I have four years of experience as a User Experience Designer in different areas, helping businesses hit their targets.

I believe that design should always be close to the final user since user needs are changing constantly. I am interested in understanding people’s needs and engagement with technologies and how to design for that purpose.

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